Introducing the Judges, pt.1

I feel like I'm about to burst! Such good news and finally, I don't need to keep it secret a moment longer. The 2017 Heritage Book Awards and Writing Competition is open now, and you needn't wait any longer to know who will be reading and judging your books! Okay, deep breath, here we go.... Continue Reading →

Announcing our May Writing Workshops!

Here we go again, folks. Another year, another weekend of WICKED writing workshops! Would you like to know who we’ve pulled out the literary hat this time? I'm picturing a beret, myself, but maybe that's because I lived in Paris for a bit. Perhaps your literary head-dress is a fedora, a newsboy cap, or that practical woolly... Continue Reading →

2016 in Review

Well, we're nearly done folks. December looms with all its tinselly terror and this mad year is almost done. Good riddance, you may say. Fair enough. If 2016 were a book it would be 'A Series of Unfortunate Events.' However... on the Canterbury Lit-Scene side of things, it's been a pretty great one. We began with a... Continue Reading →

Busy Writer-Bees

Over Labour Weekend, the Canterbury branch of the NZ Society of Authors had the great honour and pleasure of hosting some BRILLIANT writing workshops. It was a fascinating and inspiring, practical and encouraging weekend. I learned more than I can possibly cover in a blog post. But here goes... The first thing I learned, on Friday evening,... Continue Reading →

Announcing the Shortlist!

Last Friday evening, at the lovely central city Scorpio Books, we had a wee soiree with truly some of the best people around. A big thank you to those who came and celebrated with us. Particularly our beloved judges and Christchurch's Mayor, Lianne Dalziel. And a big congratulations to all the shortlisted writers and publishers! Now,... Continue Reading →

Another Fabulous Four

A couple of weeks ago I leaked the names of four of our October Writing Workshop presenters in this blog post... and here come the rest! That's right, there's more... And did you hear that this whole shebang is free? Thanks to CreativeNZ, the Canterbury Society of Authors branch can put on this brilliant weekend without... Continue Reading →

Fabulous and FREE!

This October, coming to a library near you (if you live in Christchurch South, anyway), New Zealand Society of Authors, in association with CreativeNZ, would like to present... FREE WRITING WORKSHOPS! That's right, we've got ourselves some funding. And we've got ourselves a jaw-dropping line-up of workshop presenters.

The Superheroes of the Short Form

Here we go, Folks. I know you've been scribbling away. Genius first drafts which transform, overnight, into steaming piles of... self-doubt. That's what that smell is. But a couple of days later it's cooled off, and so have you, and you see what those humble little words could be.

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