2016 in Review

Well, we’re nearly done folks. December looms with all its tinselly terror and this mad year is almost done. Good riddance, you may say. Fair enough. If 2016 were a book it would be ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events.’

rickman angry

However… on the Canterbury Lit-Scene side of things, it’s been a pretty great one. We began with a world building workshop, hosted by Ngaio Marsh House and run by the lovely Zana Bell. Next up was a series of three Narrative Structure workshops with James George.

allwinnersFor the second year we spear-headed the New Zealand Heritage Writing Competitions and Book Awards, thanks to BECA Heritage Week and the Christchurch City Council. Our judges this year were Carl Nixon for short prose, Barbara Petrie for poetry, Chris Moore for Non-Fiction Book and Coral Atkinson for Fiction. The winners were Anne Else for her short story, ‘Finders Keepers,’ Sommer Cullingford for her poem, ‘Canterbury Melt,’ Jock Phillips for his book, TO THE MEMORY: NZ’S WAR MEMORIALIALS, and Fiona Kidman for her novel, ALL DAY AT THE MOVIES. The bar is set high and we are so glad of that!

bookbuzzBook Buzz nights have gone on the back-burner while we’ve juggled all of this, and several members of our committee have undertaken major projects and research trips. We did however spruce up our AGM with two brilliant speakers. Tanya Moir and Tania Roxborogh spoke about their different approaches to writing, as well as their journeys and experiences as writers in New Zealand. And we have dolled-up our final Book Buzz for the year…

In October we hosted Mandy Hager, Rachel McAlpine, Sarah Laing, Nicky Hager, Jillian Sullivan, Brian Turner, Rachel O’Connor, and Harry Ricketts at our Annual October Writing Workshops. What a line up, eh? We can still hardly believe our luck. And this year, thanks to Creative New Zealand, the workshops were free to the public! Don’t you worry, there are more in the pipe-line.

The Children’s Lit Hub continues to meet monthly, welcoming special guests regularly and supporting our local Children’s authors brilliantly.

writingWord by Word, a new group, has become established. A small group of writers meet every week and write together. For more information on all our activities and groups, do sign up to our FREE monthly newsletter. This tends to cover all the other lit-related events and groups active in Canterbury, so you needn’t be terribly loyal to any one crowd. No need to miss out!

Do come to our Christmas Party on the 2nd of December, and while I have you here, a quick plug for an exciting event Alliance Française have going on…

Award-winning French writer and foreign correspondent, Olivier Weber, known primarily for his coverage of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, will speak at a FREE event, at 6pm on Wednesday 7 December at the Christchurch Art Gallery Auditorium.

And that’s it for us for 2016!



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