Announcing the Shortlist!

Last Friday evening, at the lovely central city Scorpio Books, we had a wee soiree with truly some of the best people around. A big thank you to those who came and celebrated with us. Particularly our beloved judges and Christchurch’s Mayor, Lianne Dalziel.

And a big congratulations to all the shortlisted writers and publishers!

Now, for those of you who couldn’t make it, here they are…

NZ Heritage Fiction Book Prize


  • THE LAST TIME WE SPOKE by Fiona Sussman. Published by Allison & Busby.
  • ALL DAY AT THE MOVIES by Fiona Kidman. Published by Vintage.
  • SCARLET & MAGENTA by Lindsey Dawson. Published by Out Loud Press.
  • THE BACK OF HIS HEAD by Patrick Evans. Published by Victoria University Press.
  • EARTHQUAKES & BUTTERFLIES by Kathleen Gallagher. Published by Wickcandle.
  • A CROOKED RIB by Judy Corbalis. Published by Vintage.

NZ Heritage Non-Fiction Book Prize


  • MURDER ON TH EMAUNGATAPU by Wayne Martin. Published by Canterbury University Press.
  • A HISTORY OF NZ WOMEN by Barbara Brookes. Published by Bridget Williams Books.
  • BLOOMSBURY SOUTH: THE ARTS IN CHRISTCHURCH 1933-1953 by Peter Simpson. Published by Auckland University Press.
  • TO THE MEMORY: NEW ZEALAND’S WAR MEMORIALS by Jock Phillips. Published by Potton & Burton.
  • RICCARTON AND THE DEANS FAMILY: HISTORY AND HERITAGE by Joanna Orwin. Published by David Bateman.
  • RUGBY: A NEW ZEALAND HISTORY by Ron Palenski. Published by Auckland University Press.

NZ Heritage Short Prose Prize


  • “Countries of the Mind” by Victor Billot
  • “Dunedin Gothic” by Madeleine Child
  • “Feeding the Hungry Ghost” by Catherine Clarke
  • “Finders Keepers” by Anne Else
  • “The Kauri Wardrobe” by Jill McCaw
  • “Tito Whakamuri, Kokiri Whakamua” by Sue Kingham

NZ Heritage Poetry Prize


  • “Cavendish will Dream” by Rata Ingram
  • “Canterbury Melt” by Sommer Cullingford
  • “Night’s Rest” by John Keast
  • “Kaitiakitanga” by Mãhina Marshall
  • “Still Life” by Amy Paulussen
  • “Tom Long Hangman” by Karen Zelas

Our warmest congratulations to all the finalists!

So, now we wait with bated breath to hear who the winners will be. Come and join us at the prize giving on 22 October, at 4pm, in the South Library Boardroom.

This follows our FREE WRITING WORKSHOPS. Don’t miss this brilliant line-up. Register now!

One thought on “Announcing the Shortlist!

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  1. Well done to all the finalists, and to everyone who entered!

    PS… FYI… (one of my pet words) Bated breath… “Bated” is a form of “abate,” (diminished, beaten down ) i.e. so eager, anxious, excited, or frightened that you’re almost holding your breath. (not baited! 🙂 )


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