Narrative Structure with James George

This past weekend NZSA Canterbury once again had the great privilege of hosting James George. James teaches Creative Writing at AUT. He is an award-winning author and active member of the writing community in New Zealand.

On Friday evening, we kicked off the weekend  with an Introduction to Narrative Structure. James introduced us to a plethora of new vocabulary helpful when thinking about the architecture of our stories. He particularly focused on the difficult decisions writers face early in the writing process: about who narrates the story, and how and why? How to decide which characters are the most effective view-point characters?

James talked about structuring scenes, about different writing processes and the importance of rewriting and editing.

On the Saturday morning, we dove into multiple time-lines and multiple view-points and all those wonderful, gnarly devices. This second session demanded in-depth consideration of how we present our stories and why.

The Saturday afternoon workshop was reserved for the lucky few whose synopses and opening pages were reviewed and accepted in advance. These writers were selected for an exclusive workshop in which they could discuss the particular issues they are encountering in their finished first drafts.

All in all, a wonderful, insightful and inspiring weekend of workshops. Thank you James, and to all the others involved!


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